The Significance of Data in CPG

March 26, 2024 |

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive market, the role of advanced analytics in shaping business strategies and enhancing market performance cannot be overstated. The CPG industry has witnessed a significant transformation, with data analytics becoming a cornerstone for understanding market trends, customer behaviors, and sales performance.

PRESENCE, through its Reporting Services, leverages billions of data points to provide actionable insights that can transform brand strategies and drive results. By translating complex datasets into useful findings, PRESENCE offers both large companies and smaller brands the opportunity to access cost-effective, powerful data analytics without the need for heavy investments in time and financial resources. This approach allows brands to develop more personalized experiences that keep customers engaged, maximize retail, distribution, and marketing opportunities, and ultimately, enhance their competitive edge.

The importance of retail auditing, category review events, promotion evaluations, and actionable insights cannot be understated in today’s data-driven environment. PRESENCE’s dedicated Data Analysts employ a multitude of tools and data sources, including onsite SPINS, NielsenIQ, and Microsoft PowerBI, to transform reports into strategic insights that shape brand decisions. This multi-channel approach ensures that brands are not only equipped to navigate the competitive landscape but are also positioned for sustainable growth.

Advanced analytics play a crucial role in today’s competitive market by offering detailed insights into customer behaviors, market trends, and sales performance. PRESENCE is at the forefront of this revolution, providing CPG brands with the tools and insights needed to make informed decisions, optimize strategies, and stay ahead of the competition