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Missions And Values

PRESENCE was born from a desire to work in a dynamic and environmentally conscious industry. Because of our awareness of the necessity to take better care of the planet and ourselves, it is our mission to join and support, through open and communicative partnership, those companies who share this goal.

PRESENCE has donated over $2M and countless volunteer hours in support of health and wellness and our industry initiatives. Now, our mission is to support other companies that share our goals with high level marketing and communication, our time, services and financial contribution. We understand how crucial it is to take care of ourselves and our planet, so we are continuously working toward raising awareness and encouraging global action.


PRESENCE values the planet, global health, diversity and inclusion, wellness, food equity and helping to educate all along the way.  We do more than help businesses grow, we seek to improve the world around us through supporting other like-minded organizations with our time and financial contributions. We actively work to achieve high reaching goals with these partnerships.

We are also happy to provide all of our employees with 8 hours of paid volunteer time per year to give back to their local communities in support of these initiatives.

Organizations We Support

We find organizations that we feel represent the values of PRESENCE and proudly support them and their global contributions. We are always open to helping other companies who share our passion for promoting positivity, sustainability and wellness.


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Since our founding, we have always sought to make a positive impact to the world around us. We strive to help our team, our clients, and the planet. 

We try to help support other causes in a variety of different ways, and we are proud to do so. Contact PRESENCE today to learn more about our company and the services we provide. 

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