Our Causes


Born from a desire to work in a dynamic and environmentally-conscious industry, it is the PRESENCE mission to take better care of the planet and ourselves by joining and supporting those who share this goal.

And we do. Every day. It’s not just part of our mission. It’s part of our culture.

  • Over $2M in donations to date.
  • Countless volunteer hours, supported by Give Back Day, a paid day off for our employees to volunteer in our communities and with organizations that support our mission.
  • Our PRESENCE Gives Back Philanthropies and other ONEPresence initiatives, funded in part by our annual 5K.
  • Our effective company culture and award-winning Live Life Well health and wellness program.
  • Shared high-level marketing and communication resources.
  • Services for natural and organic businesses

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The planet. Global health. Diversity & inclusion. Wellness. Food equity.

We continuously work toward raising awareness and encouraging global action.

Organizations We Support

We do more than help businesses grow: we support like-minded organizations with our time and financial contributions.

We proudly support organizations that represent PRESENCE values and help companies who share our passion for promoting positivity, sustainability and wellness.

ONEPresence Initiatives In Action

How do we walk the walk across the globe?

  • By building a school in Togo, Africa and, in partnership with our brands, continuing to support the Togo community.
  • By working with WomenServe to build 20 life-changing taankas (tanks that collect and store rainwater) in India.
  • By working with Living Lands & Waters to assist in building their fleet of volunteer boats and equipment.
  • By supporting Marklund, a nonprofit organization in Illinois that makes everyday life possible for individuals with profound disabilities. By purchasing holiday gifts for children at Marklund every year.
  • And more ONEPresence initiatives and support to our PRESENCE Gives Back Philanthropies.

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We strive to make a positive impact on the world around us by helping our team, our clients, and the planet.

It’s part of our mission. Our values. Our culture. Always has been. Always will be.

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