Our Culture

An Inspired & Effective Company Culture

Unmatched dedication and experience. Inspiring mission. Solid company structure. Effective best practices. Progressive work environment. Wellness-focused lifestyle.

This balanced, powerful company culture attracts the best and the brightest, inspires productivity, and creates longevity.

Bright, productive, experienced teams produce consistent coast-to-coast service excellence and streamlined operations.

It all comes down to our dedication to our mission. When we value and take care of our team, we create a company culture that benefits PRESENCE, its team and its clients.

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People with various lifestyles and backgrounds

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Health is a basic human right.

Through our products, partnerships and daily interactions, we strive to create a culture of change with a lasting impact.

We are committed to:

  • Fostering a diverse workforce and inclusive company culture where all voices are heard and appreciated.
  • Equity in access to healthy foods, non-toxic products, a cleaner environment, and sustainability for the health and well-being of all on planet earth.
  • Investing time and money in communities and education.

We strive to empower change for good.

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People with various lifestyles and backgrounds