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Reporting Services Powered by PRESENCE

Data can transform your brand. It can be used to create impactful data stories. To develop a more personalized experience to keep customers coming back for more. To maximize opportunities for retail, distribution, and marketing.

Many large companies invest a lot of time and money in dedicated data resources, providing them with useful, actionable data about their brands.

Now smaller companies can experience those same benefits without the same investment of time and financial resources.

With PRESENCE Reporting Services, you can access cost-effective, actionable data that will change how you see, and market, your products.

Here’s how.

  • First, we access billions of data points.
  • Then we make those data points work for you by translating them into useful, revealing findings.
  • Finally, we use those findings to build performance solutions that transform your strategies and drive results.

And by leveraging the methodologies and infrastructure developed by our Broker Services business, we can provide affordable reporting solutions to emerging brands and brands new to the market.

PRESENCE Reporting Services. Accessible, actionable, affordable. Powerful data at your fingertips.

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What You Get

  • A user-friendly, interactive reporting portal with access organized reports that are easy interpret.
  • Industry-proven reporting measures and structures for always-accurate results.
  • A wide range of data types from diverse sources.
  • Impactful insights, strategies and next steps.

Experience the Power of Data

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