Here's what people are saying about us.

“There’s a lot of decent brokers out there but I think where Presence really shines are things like in-store execution. There’s a lot of people who can make a good headquarter call… that might have equally good relationships, but in terms of executing at store level, making things happen – getting those products cut in on the shelves, making sure they’re priced correctly, building displays – doing all those  kinds of things have been huge.”


– Bob Burke, Natural Products Consulting

“Having been in this business so long, what I appreciate the most is, there’s no BS at Presence Marketing. Anyone can build a brand that’s growing, but what Presence did for us is, they took our existing brands and far, far surpassed anything that the other national brokerage company could ever do, or ever even tried to do. So it turned out to be a real win-win. Now I can honestly say that my best friends in the brokerage business are the employees at Presence Marketing, and I could never say that about the other national brokerage company.”


– Fred Webster, former VP of Sales, Boulder Brands

“Presence Marketing has really helped Whole Foods Market implement a lot of our quality initiatives.  They share a lot of our values in terms of mission and purpose, consumer engagement, helping our communities and our environment, and they’ve actually helped coach a lot of their brands to meet our expectations, so those brands are giving the consumer what they want, while making sure that they stay a step ahead of trends.”


– Errol Schweizer, Executive Global Grocery Coordinator, Whole Foods Market

“Presence was a partner that was there for us very early in NCGA’s development with our Co-op Advantage Program, our promotions program. Presence was a significant player in our very first flyer, and that program has been a driver of NCGA’s growth and success, and actually a driver of the success and growth of the food co-op sector ever since.”


– Ben Neuman, Director of Purchasing, NCG

“Early on in the association’s concepts, before we even really got off the ground, I had a conversation with Milt Zimmerman about, how could we make this work, how could we make this work with independents similarly to how we had made it work with the cooperative grocers in the past? And it has been a joy for us to be able to work with Presence Marketing, to have them truly understand the concept of a purchasing cooperative, and understand the importance of independent retailers being strong within the natural food industry, because we need that diversity.”


– Corinne Shindelar, CEO, INFRA

“I have worked with Presence for several years and would like to recognize their overall professionalism and exceptional partnership. Starting with their exceptional client list, their preparedness, and more importantly their reach and strength at store level. Having “feet on the street” is crucial for gaining execution at store level and Presence always has me covered! When working on key initiatives such as our 60th anniversary celebration, a new packaged tea schematic, or new theme promotions, I know I can count on Presence to partner with me and obtain the exceptional results I am seeking. If you are looking for a full service broker that you can count on to partner and follow through, I would highly recommend Presence to clients/retailers who are looking to take their business to the next level…”


– Bob Richardson, Director of Purchasing, Natural Grocers

“Presence Marketing has been a long standing preferred strategic partner of Sprouts Farmer’s Market. Their teams focused commitment to the dynamic and ever changing Natural/Organic channel aligns closely with Sprouts core values. Through educated people and strong relationships, Presence helps to guide and offer insights to both suppliers and retailers to build “win win” programs that drive results. Their commitment to in-store merchandising has helped Sprouts become a leader in getting new innovative items to market. Sprouts looks forward to continuing our strong partnership with Presence for many years to come.”


– Kim Coffin, Vice President of Grocery, Sprouts Farmers Market