Trade Promotion Services Powered by PRESENCE®

Trade Promotion Services Powered By PRESENCE®

Forecasting spends. Deduction reconciliation. Resolving disputes. For trade spend to be profitable, trade and deduction management must be efficient and timely.

That’s where the power of PRESENCE comes in. Our comprehensive suite of Trade Promotion Services helps boost profits and reduce inefficient spend.

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For clients already invested in trade software: 

Our full suite of trade services is designed to enhance your existing capabilities. Our team of experts works closely with you to understand your business needs and provide seamless support.

Services include:

  • Promotional Inputting
  • Deduction Reconciliation
  • Accrual Oversight
  • Trade Optimization. 

For clients not yet invested in trade software: 

We provide the Trade and MCB Reconciliation Application (TAMRA©), our proprietary software:

  • TAMRA© uploads Excel & PDF files into an easy-to-use clearing environment, eliminating the need for complex manual processes.
  • With TAMRA©, you can effortlessly convert Manufacturer Charge Backs (MCBs) and remittances to enable the benefits of auto-matching to retailer and promo groupings.
  • The Power-BI reporting platform provides comprehensive sales and financial reporting tailored to your specific needs, giving you the actionable insights you need to make informed decisions.

Here’s How

  • Customized conversion tools convert MCB reports and remittances, enabling auto-matching to retailer and promotional groupings.
  • TPM software oversight conducted by trade specialists with experience working in a multitude of trade software programs.

No software? No problem. Actualized spend detail with customized views into sales and financial reporting provided by TAMRA©.

What You Get

  • A comprehensive suite of trade services designed to meet your business’ needs.
  • Our proprietary software, TAMRA©, designed to simplify trade and deduction management. 
  • Our team of trade experts working closely with you to understand your business and provide personalized support.
  • Power-BI reporting designed to provide the actionable insights you need to drive your business forward.

Trade Promotion Services powered by PRESENCE®. Accessible, actionable, affordable. Powerful trade and non-trade spend detail at your fingertips.


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Connect with us today to learn more about how our trade promotion services, experts, and apps boost profits and reduce inefficient spend.

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Trade Promotion FAQs

Trade promotion management (TPM) software is a type of business application that helps companies plan, execute, track, and analyze your trade promotion process. TPM involves various components such as planning, budgeting, tracking, and analyzing trade promotions to increase sales and profitability while improving productivity.

There are several top-rated TPM software programs available in the market. PRESENCE Trade Specialists have experience working within a multitude of software programs. Whether you are utilizing an integrated software program (closed loop system) or standalone trade software, our experienced team of Trade Specialists are here to support through a variety of service offerings.

It is essential in understanding the accuracy of your estimated trade budget versus your actualized spend. As a part of our Trade Promotion Services, we identify significant differences in planned versus actualized spending within events and customers. We also assist in system updates with mid-year plan adjustments for more productive events and higher ROI.

Understanding and managing deductions (Trade and Non-trade) can be time-consuming and complex, yet they represent a significant spend. Every dollar deducted from your invoices or check remittances is less revenue for your business. Our team of experts will expedite the reconciliation and deduction process, providing the necessary visibility to your actualized spending. This allows your business to reduce spend leakage and increase profitability!

If your business has not yet invested in trade software, we provide our Trade and Deduction Software (TAMRA©). TAMRA© includes conversion features which auto upload your Manufacturer Charge Backs (MCBs) and settlements.  The easy-to-use clearing environment in the software streamlines your reconciliation process. With our PowerBi reporting environment, you will be able to clearly understand your actualized spend details. Our TAMRA© deduction software helps businesses increase profitability by reducing inefficient spend!