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Edge out the competition with the help of our next-level brand management, retail services, distributor relations, and data and analytics.

  • Coast-to-coast coverage
  • Seamless multi-channel penetration
  • Natural grocery, nutrition and body care, and conventional sales experts
  • Dedicated Grocery & Nutrition and Body Care divisions
  • Unparalleled data and analytical capabilities
  • An authentic, unrivaled focus on natural and organic products for over 30 years

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Exterior view of a Whole Foods Market
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Powered by PRESENCE®

Access the actionable data that will change how you see, and market, your products. We leverage the methodologies and infrastructure developed by our Broker Services business to affordable reporting solutions to emerging brands and brands new to the market.

  • Accessible
  • Actionable
  • Affordable
  • Powerful

Learn How to Leverage Your Data

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Powered by PRESENCE®

Build a roadmap to retail success with our 3-month+ program for emerging brands and brands new to the market.

Let’s collaborate. Our experience. Our tools. Our experts. Your brand. Your success.

  • Brand essentials
  • Category review dashboard
  • Category and data insights
  • Distribution landscape
  • Website and social media information
  • Go-to-market execution plan
  • And much more

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Bottled drinks on display at a grocery store


Powered by PRESENCE®

Our Trade and Deduction Services are designed to streamline deduction oversight, enhance profitability, and reduce inefficient processes. Join us in a partnership that combines our expertise, automated processes, and dedicated support with your brand’s unique needs and goals.

  • Comprehensive Suite of Trade Services.
  • Personalized Expert Support.
  • Our Proprietary TAMRA© software.
  • Analytics and actionable insights with Power-BI Reporting.
  • Streamlined Trade and Deduction processes.
  • Integration with finance procedures.
  • And much more

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