Who We Are

Humble Beginnings, Rapid Growth 

PRESENCE was founded in 1990 by Bill Weiland and Christine Tzumas, who now operate as CEO and COO, respectively.

From its humble beginnings, PRESENCE quickly grew from a small Midwest-based natural and organic food brokerage to a national powerhouse with over 500 employees.

Amidst this great growth, Bill, Christine, and President Brian Naylor lead our passionate, mission-driven team and growing company, always driven by their shared mission to drive results for clients while striving to take better care of our planet and ourselves.

Born from Insight

We’re ready for more growth. Are you? PRESENCE is not just poised to compete in today’s
rapidly growing market, we’re poised to help you compete as well.

PRESENCE has over 30 years of experience. Experience growing sales. Building partnerships
within natural and conventional grocery channels. Developing custom tech. Expanding retail,
wholesale and manufacturer service offerings.

And all the while holding firm to our mission by partnering with organizations that share our goal
to improve the world around us. Our planet. Food equity. Global health. And more.


Connect With Us

If you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to help. Let’s start by determining what works best for your business.