Brian Naylor

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Brian Naylor

Brian Naylor, with a rich history of over three decades in the consumer packaged goods industry, has been a pivotal member of the PRESENCE team since 2007. In his esteemed role as President, Brian not only guides the company with his seasoned expertise but also plays an instrumental role in strategic planning and various other key business areas.

Since joining PRESENCE, Brian and his family have re-engineered their food and body care choices with an emphasis on local, natural and organic offerings.

Brian started his consumer packaged goods career at his local ACME store while attending college. Prior to joining PRESENCE, he spent over 10 years with Millbrook Distribution Services where he held multiple roles with increasing levels of responsibility including Director of Business Development and Vice President of Sales. He also serves as a mentor with the Chicago-based Family Farmed Good Food Accelerator program. He is also a former Director of the New England Food Foundation and member of the Massachusetts Food Association.

Brian spends his spare time gardening, golfing, and watching baseball.