Christine Tzumas

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Chief Operating Officer

Christine Tzumas

Christine Tzumas serves as the heartbeat and guiding force of PRESENCE, infusing the company with her unwavering commitment. As one of the original owners, she holds the position of Chief Operating Officer, overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations, including the Finance, Human Resources, and IT departments. Christine takes great pleasure in refining and enhancing the company’s processes and systems, equipping teams with the tools they require to achieve excellence. Her role is akin to presenting them with a silver platter of resources, facilitating exceptional results. Throughout her tenure, Christine has maintained a strong focus on nurturing the people within the organization, mentoring leadership, and unlocking the potential in each individual and department. Witnessing their growth and surpassing of expectations is a source of immense joy for her. In her capacity as COO, Christine plays a pivotal role in the company’s strategic planning, drawing upon her wealth of experience and wisdom. Additionally, she leads PRESENCE’s philanthropic endeavors, which aim to address environmental and social concerns within the industry. Christine firmly believes in the company’s mission statement, emphasizing that PRESENCE is more than just a business; it embodies a sense of purpose and meaning.

Christine’s journey with PRESENCE dates back to its inception, a testament to her enduring commitment. Collaborating with her close friend and CEO, Bill Weiland, she played a fundamental role in igniting the spark that eventually led to the establishment of the company in 1990. From its modest origins in the Western Suburbs of Chicago, PRESENCE has evolved into a distinguished entity with a workforce of over 450 individuals spanning the nation. Her attraction to the industry, paralleling her co-founder’s pursuit of a healthier lifestyle, kindled a deep-rooted passion for nutrition and wellness products, mirroring the burgeoning interest in health-conscious living.

Among her numerous accolades, Christine was honored with the prestigious 2022 Top 50 Women Leaders in Illinois award, a testament to her exceptional contributions.

Christine’s life is a harmonious blend of work and leisure. While she once thrived on the basketball courts of the city, she now revels in leisure activities near water, surrounded by her family and friends. Christine is passionate about the outdoors, sports, travel, boating, and culinary experiences. Alongside her husband of over 28 years, Frank, she divides her time between Florida and Illinois, cherishing moments with their three children: Jimmy, Sara, and Emily.