Jessica Darlington

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Senior Director of Conventional Sales

Jessica Darlington

Jessica’s personal journey into wellness began with a rush of maca on the NYC Subway, en route to training as a Holistic Health Coach and later to become a Level 1 Power Yoga Instructor. Practicing a deep mind-body-food connection amongst the hectic Manhattan streets, she was bound for a wellness journey rooted in holistic exploration.

Jessica’s career in CPG began when she joined Karen Farrell at Topline Marketing, Inc. after being referred by a love-letter to a fledgling superfood brand that she simply adored. After Jessica pioneered the Mid-Atlantic region for the Maine-based regional brokerage, PRESENCE acquired Topline in 2012 and she integrated as a field representative. Growing and serving the organization ever since, Jessica has played roles as both a Natural and Conventional Account Executive, assuming a leadership role as Director of Sales for Nutrition and Body Care in 2020.

Now supporting the Eastern Conventional Grocery Team as the Senior Director of Sales, her leadership style is marked by collaborative workflow optimization, strategic skill development and the identification and refinement of strengths. She has a passion for data and analytics and enjoys coaching others to find their own styles of fact-based sales through storytelling.

A graduate of Bucknell University with a designed major that combined chemical engineering, business and women’s studies, Jessica has explored varying wellness disciplines and enjoys guiding others on their own journey through holistic coaching. She resides in historic Bucks County, PA in an antique stone farmhouse with her husband, two children and rescue dog. She enjoys native and organic gardening, composting, horseback riding, and fashion.