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Kelly Follmar

Senior Director of Sales

Kelly Follmar

Kelly Follmar has been in the Natural Foods Industry for 19 years and has been with PRESENCE for 17 years. Today, Kelly serves as our Senior Director of Sales, overseeing the Nutrition/Body Care Regional Sales Management and Account Executive teams. She has a strong knowledge and skill set for helping create systems that have allowed the sales team to be more efficient and effective out in the field. Kelly is results driven and holds her team to the highest standards. She is a clear and concise communicator and is always willing to jump in when anyone needs help.

Kelly joined the Natural Foods Industry shortly after graduating from Purdue University in 2002 as a Sales Representative for a Natural Food Broker. After being a road warrior, she joined the PRESENCE family as a Distributor Account Executive working on both the Grocery and Nutrition/Body Care sides of business. After a couple of years learning the distribution side of business, she moved back over to retail sales and became the Midwest Regional Sales Manager for the Nutrition/Body Care Division. Kelly stayed in that role for 9 years where she handled brand and sales management along with account executive responsibilities. Kelly has always been passionate about plant medicine, wellness and regenerative agriculture.

Kelly loves spending time with her partner and two children. They love camping, hiking, off roading with their two Jeep Wranglers and live music. Gardening, a great cup of coffee and doing yoga are her keys to balance and happiness. 


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