Reuben Morales

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Senior Director of Brand Management

Reuben Morales

Reuben Morales has been in the grocery industry for over 28 years and in the natural class of trade for 17 years. Today, Reuben serves as our Senior Director of Brand Management, overseeing day-to-day operations of the Brand Management Department.

Reuben started in the Conventional Class of Trade in the Northwest market having worked with SC Johnson & Sons for 11 years during which time he held the positions of Sales Representative, Regional Sales Manager in the Northwest, and Corporate Account Executive for the Kroger West divisions. Upon leaving SC Johnson, Reuben joined the leadership team of Mitzvah Marketing as a Business/Sales Manager prior to the acquisition of the company by PRESENCE in 2007.

Reuben currently resides in Federal Way, Washington where he has a passion for supporting community youth sport’s programs and is active in his church’s youth and community programs while spending time with his wife, three sons, extended family and friends. Reuben discovered the natural industry of brands and retailers through working through his family’s medical challenges and finding solutions through the foods they chose. He has a passion for the Natural Products Industry and its impact on enabling a person to live their best life now and is proud to be a part of a company focused on a shared commitment to a legacy of health, the planet and empowering others to a level of excellence in all areas of their life.