100 Years of Geissler’s Supermarket

Geissler’s Supermarket, a seven-store retailer with locations in Connecticut and Massachusetts, has a big year ahead – a 100th anniversary celebration. The multi-generational family owned and operated grocer has continued to focus on their local differentiation, which has proven successful as Geissler’s has become the community’s source for innovative local products. Not only is Geissler’s thriving as a locally recognized independent grocer, but they have also established a strong omnichannel presence. Geissler’s won the Digital Media Pioneer Award from IGA this year for their excellence in digital advertising optimization through the IGA Retail Media Network. Their commitment to digital continues to deliver, with one of their recent video campaigns gaining over 415,000 impressions.

The Somers, Connecticut-based grocery store founded by A.F. Geissler in 1923, was an early adopter of home delivery. Well ahead of his time, Geissler would drive around to each customer, collect grocery orders, return to his store to fill the orders, then deliver the groceries. Today, the fourth generation of Geissler’s Supermarkets manage the family business. A.F. Geissler’s great-grandsons share the same passion and commitment for their family supermarkets. The fourth generation honors the high quality, customer service-driven mission of the past with a “Local Equals Fresh” vision for the future.