Frontier Co-op Visit

Our Senior Director of Distributor Relations, Nikki Nolbertowicz, and our Midwest Distributor team: Kristin Birns and Amber Krol had the pleasure of touring the Frontier Facility. From meeting the incredible staff to seeing how their products were packaged, screened for cleanliness, and boxed ready for shipment. They also saw products from their partnered brands and how they are separated and boxed for shipment using a conveyor belt assembly system, personally operated by the amazing Frontier Staff. This was a fascinating opportunity to see the interworking’s of not only a distribution center but also a production co-op.

Frontier Co-op is one of our Midwest Distributors located in Norway, Iowa. They thrive on their ability to do business with fairness and integrity. They work with brands that contribute to their vision for a more ethical and mindful well world. Frontier brings in over 10,000 products to market that are high quality and produced with respect for the environment and the people who grow and manufacture them. Frontier has always gone above and beyond, giving back to communities by developing their Well Earth program. They have created partnerships with their grower communities and have helped address issues they have faced from clean drinking water and medical care, to improved business building and youth educational opportunities.