How to Launch a New Brand

June 14, 2024 |

Launching a new CPG brand in the grocery space can be an exciting venture, but it demands careful planning and strategic execution. There is a lot that goes into starting a new brand, so crafting a well-thought-out launch strategy will help set the stage for successful growth. Our Market Ready team has put together some key areas to consider when creating a new brand. 

1. Conduct Research Before Launching a New Brand

It is not an overstatement to say that understanding the market is the first step in ensuring your brand’s success. Market research helps you identify consumer needs, market trends, and potential gaps that your brand can fill. Along with that, you will need to understand who your customers are and who you’re competing against for their attention. Consider developing a demographic profile of your target consumer. This will help you refine your marketing approach as well as target the retailers where your customer shops. Research your competition, too. Where are they being sold? What marketing efforts are they making? Learn from their successes and missteps. It’s much more cost effective to learn from other’s mistakes.

2. Craft Your New Brand Identity

Your brand’s mission, vision, and values are the core principles that define its purpose and direction. These elements resonate with both your internal team and your customers, fostering a strong, relatable brand identity. This also figures into developing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Your USP is what sets you apart from competitors and makes your brand unique in the eyes of your consumers and retail buyers. Identify what your brand does better than anyone else and communicate this clearly in your marketing materials.

3. Design Your Brand Elements for the New Brand Launch

Think about the most iconic brands over the last 50 years and one thing will be clear – they are instantly recognizable to consumers. Coca-Cola’s classic curvy bottle and punchy red and white logo convey their branding so well that you don’t even need to see the brand name to recognize the product. The visual and textual elements of your brand should reflect its identity and appeal to your target audience – as well as stand out on a shelf. Effective design and clear messaging create a memorable brand image that attracts and retains customers.

4. Generate Excitement for the New Brand Launch

Social media and marketing in advance of your brand launch are crucial. You don’t have to spread yourself thin across multiple platforms – you want to target the platforms your customers are using most. If you did your research in step 1, you should have a good idea of where these folks are gathering! Engaging content, interactive posts, and targeted ads can increase visibility and excitement about your brand. Build anticipation with a teaser campaign. This could be a series of social media posts, sneak peeks of your products, or countdowns leading up to the launch day

5. Launch Day

Organize a launch event or a special promotion to mark the arrival of your new brand. This could be a physical event, an online live stream, or a special offer. Make sure that all elements of your launch are synchronized – execution is critical. This includes marketing communications, promotions, and distribution efforts to maximize the impact of your launch.

6. Sustain Momentum Post-Brand Launch

Once you’ve launched your brand, the real work begins! Now is the time to gather feedback from customers and retailers. Their perceptions and insight can help you quickly fine tune your products and marketing strategy. You will also need to keep your brand top of mind for consumers. Providing regular updates, promotions, and new product introductions help keep your audience engaged. And don’t forget how important retail traction is. Work with the accounts that carry your items to offer promotions and coupons. Also, consider participating in their marketing opportunities. The faster your brand moves at shelf, the faster you get those reorders!

7. Analyze Results of New Brand Launch

Be sure to track key metrics post launch. Sales data, customer engagement metrics, and media coverage should be monitored to gauge the effectiveness of your launch strategy. They will also inform how you plot your course for the next months and years. Review the return on investment (ROI) from your launch efforts and use those learnings to adjust your strategy going forward.

Launching a new CPG brand in the grocery industry is a lot of work, but the benefits are worth all of your effort. Doesn’t it feel good to see something that you’ve created on the shelf at your local market? By following these strategic steps, you can ensure that your brand not only captures the attention of your target audience but also sustains its growth in the market. As you move forward, consider PRESENCE as a comprehensive solution that supports every phase of your brand launch, helping you achieve measurable success and impactful brand presence.